The Flemish Ardennes

You will find many nature reserves in the Flemish Ardennes. Some of the best known are the Brakelbos and the Kluisbos, but there are so many other gems to discover.

Hidden deep in the most beautiful valley of Herzele you will find, for example, the Duivenbos, a vast and lush green nature reserve where rare wetland plants and animals find a place.


It is teeming with springs: water locally bubbles up to the surface and creates a swampy bottom. Oxygenated and fascinating to discover, especially in spring. Spring bloomers, such as the wood anemone, wild garlic and marsh marigold, flourish every year. They transform the forest floor into beautiful colors. A delight to the eye!

So be sure to put on your boots for a brisk walk and climb to the top of the hill for a stunning view over the Dender Valley